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Eleme III Eleme III

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Could be better

Actually the non-stop clic for element drain was a fun killer for me.
An auto drain mana option that let you drain the same mana until the max is reached would be great without killing the real time effect as you still have to change element when max is reached least.
Or just when your learning the game for the few first fight.

And not knowing the effect of enemy spell is pretty bad for any strategic purpose :s
And it's pretty hard to know when ennemy cast a spell (just a "beep" sound in that case would help, and may be a way to read what is the effect of that spell)

But I did find the game interesting and innovative. Keep up the good work.

Go to Hell! Go to Hell!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great gameplay, innovative, cool music and graphics. First original game in NG for a while.

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Pirate Defense Pirate Defense

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The tower defense + trick-game that rules them all

How to come with an overused principe, and turn it into a masterpiece.

All other tower defense look like game for child once you've played Pirate Defense.

Dont be affraid of the difficulty at beginning, once you see how the pirates moves (an X shapes on the map) , you can come up with awsome combo , giving shitload of gold for more tricky combo.

It's funny, it's challenging, it's entertaining, and it's perfectly coded.

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Purgatory Simulator 13 Purgatory Simulator 13

Rated 0 / 5 stars

go play humor simulator v0.1

Damnit i literally CANT wait for ur "Blind & Deaf Simulator v1".. Will prolly be funny like hell.
And then , by god wish , u will entertain us with the "veggy simulator v22" , then the " absolute night sim".

btw i went in purgatory last summer for holiday , it has nothing to do with that! I swear

moofins responds:

All amazing ideas. I will begin them once Blank Screen Sim is done.

Evolve - A Strategy Game Evolve - A Strategy Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

awsome concept

it's really a simple but very very interresting game.
I like seeing some totally new game concept like this.

We might have more fun and/or challenge playing if u had some new stuff, like :
-a way to actually invade opponent territory, with evolution point or population sacrifice, or any stuff u can think of.
-having it being real time. so we dont bother clicking 100 times on "next turn" button at the end of the game.
-a campagn setting, where the pop from last map impact u're starting pop on the next one... for example.

Anyway i like it a lot and that would be sad that the game stay without improvement. keep the good work.

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Fear Unlimited Full Edit Fear Unlimited Full Edit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game & spoiler

I played it twice: first time to finish it, cause it was addictive, second time to read the storyline :D .. and finish it without dying.
And I usualy dont like fighting game!! So this one is really great!
The note I gave are not 10 to all categories just to underline what I prefer in this game, or what describe it the most (interactivity, style and violence). But compare to others games it deserve a 10 to all.

- on monks and normal monster use X and keep holding S , once you get the grenade launcher. So the launcher will one-shot them and by switching weapon with X you reload in no time.

- on boss dont go over "Gory" damage, or the combo break will kill you. So once you're at Gory, just step back and avoid until the 'gory' marker fade.

- keep your devil core on "Merciful" (once you get it), cause doing more damage is less attractive than healing yourself. Especially on boss where you have to wait most of the time to avoid their combo-break.

- the A + hold (Down and D) combo must be what do the more dommages, and you can do it pretty fast actually cause you dont need to jum high to do it.

-Urami is your father :p


Good part:
-Interactivity: The control of the caracter is awesome. With the tutorial you learn fast how to do those deadfull and nice combo.

-Style: Speed , smooth , beautiful, violent with a deep storyline to justify all those slauthering.. how the hell can you ask for more.

-Graphics: on animations and on the comics interlude, you created a cool graphical ambiance, that perfectly fit the story.

-Humor: in such a dark-epik story, having the hero to be funny (sarcastic) in the comics, was a very cool touch.

When you see such a superb game, you always want it to be better :)
Some very small things could be improved:

- the monk killing become pretty boring. And without the S and X trick I dunno how i'll pass the part where you have to kill 98 of them. The problem is the pattern they come: always 2 at a time ,no more no less, always the same sort. Why not have less to kill (half less) but make them come randomly by 1 to 4 at a time?

- the "level" you gain , is just a way to give more HP. Why not give level depending on your grade in the previous part? An E-rank will gave 1 XP, D-rank 2XP and so on... And you level-up every 5 XP (for example) , so player had a reason to work on their A-rank.

Gratz man!

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Sinjid Battle Arena Sinjid Battle Arena

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

original fighting game

A great tactical fighting game.
Very challenging at the biginning, may be too much.
The only way I had to win the last level was by using a bug with the last armour at 500 gold, that u can buy without spending money after 1 or 2 fight.

I dont really know if the xp and money you win depend on the speed in wich u beat the monster. But it would be nice it work that way, or that we feel more the difference.

One of the best adventure game in NG so far.
Hoping for a sequel.

Absalom RPG (Flash 5) Absalom RPG (Flash 5)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great system

The combat system is really interresting and challenging. Never seen a so good one even in pro games.

The characters are a bit straight forward, but the effort putted in it are pretty new in rpg flash game.

The worst part is may be the story that is pretty simple for now. I surrely hope for a sequel for a complicated plot.

A very good work that must continu